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Wisconsin Fireworks Laws

Specifically Permitted

Cylinder fountains, cone fountains, sparklers containing no magnesium, chlorate or perchlorate; snakes containing no mercury, small smoke devices.

Specifically Permitted

Firecrackers, wheels, torpedoes, skyrockets, roman candles, aerial salutes, and bombs.


Display Permit

Apply to local authorities.


None specifically required in state law; may be required at local level.

Manufacture, Storage & Transportation

Wholesalers, dealers and distributors must notify local authorities of location where fireworks are stored and handled. Safe storage areas specified in law. License required to manufacture.

Enforcing Authority

All enforcement at local level, except manufacturing

Enforced by

Wisconsin Department of Commerce
Division of Safety and Buildings
201 W. Washington Ave., 4th Floor
Madison, WI 53701

Law Number

167.10 Wisconsin Statutes.