Fireworks Nation in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Fireworks Nation has provided Midwestern families with fun and excitement since the beginning of the 2000s. We have developed to become one of the largest retail fireworks companies in Wisconsin, offering our customers the very best consumer fireworks throughout the year. Our flagship store is located in Lomira, Wi. & we’ve added 3 additional stores in Oshkosh, Prarie du Chien and Hudson as well as several satellite tent locations. We intend to broaden Fireworks Nation into other states as well.

We are open year-round and carry only the highest quality fireworks and brands, such as RGS, Boomer, World Class, Cutting Edge, Brothers, Black Cat, Show Time and more. We offer all categories of fireworks – including  500 gram & 200 gram cakes, artillery shells, finale tubes & cakes, firecrackers, bottle rockets & of course safe and sane options.

Oshkosh Fireworks Super Store

5158 Jackson Street, Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901

On Jackson Street HWY 76 and HWY 41 old Thunder Valley Cycle store
Phone Number: (920) 230-6888 • Email:

Some of the cities near Oshkosh, Wisconsin, covered by Fireworks Nation

  •         Neenah, WI
  •         Menasha, WI
  •         Appleton, WI
  •         Fond du Lac, WI
  •         Little Chute, WI
  •         Kaukauna, WI
  •         Waupun, WI
  •         De Pere, WI
  •         Ashwaubenon, WI
  •         Allouez, WI
  •         Beaver Dam, WI
  •         Bellevue, WI
  •         Howard, WI
  •         Green Bay, WI
  •         Manitowoc, WI

NO DUD guarantee

We constantly work with our vendors and manufacturers to improve the quality, reliability, and safety of the items we offer. We strive to give you the lowest prices, best in-store bonuses, and a quality shopping experience with over 25 HDTV’s to view the products before you buy. We also have an annual demo shoot in June so you can see the newest products we carry.

Our NO DUD guarantee gives you the confidence that what you buy will work.  We take pride in hiring employees that have a passion for fireworks. Our knowledgeable staff will take the time to educate you about our products so you can have the best stunning firework show for your celebration.

Our in-store instant rewards program is one of a kind program that allows you to get the most for your money – we offer a tiered system of free products – the more you spend, the more you get in FREE product.  We also do giveaways from $300.00 to $1000.00 in free product on the night of the demo shoot and for the 4th of July.

Bottom line is – WE LOVE FIREWORKS and want to share our excitement with you! Visit Fireworks Nation Super Store, Oshkosh, Wisconsin for great deals and variety. 

Some of the towns near Oshkosh, Wisconsin, covered by Fireworks Nation

  •         Stony Beach, WI
  •         Melrose Park, WI
  •         Keenville, WI
  •         Sunset Point, WI
  •         Winnebago, WI
  •         Paukotuk, WI
  •         Leonards Point, WI
  •         Shangri La Point, WI
  •         Fairview Beach, WI
  •         Highland Shore, WI
  •         Fitzgerald, WI
  •         Island Beach, WI
  •         Black Wolf, WI
  •         Plummer Point, WI
  •         Zion, WI
  •         Reighmoor, WI
  •         Richols Shore Acres, WI
  •         Dubuque, Iowa
  •         la Crosse