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Fireworks are inherent to Milwaukee’s summertime culture. There is no summer without Fireworks! There are many firework shows that take place in the City of Milwaukee that you should make sure to attend; On the 4th of July and on due festivals happening all across the city. 

4th of July

The City of Milwaukee is beginning with organizing next summer’s Fourth of July festivities, scheduled for Monday, July 4, 2022.  Activities, including parades, picnics, and fireworks, are expected to take place in parks throughout Milwaukee. 

Lomira Fireworks Super Store is only 54 mile north of Milwaukee. 

Located at 350 East Ave., Lomira, WI 53048

Wisconsin’s Largest Fireworks Showroom:

(Hwy 41, Exit #85 (Hwy 67) Next to Shell/Subway)

Phone Number: (920) 269-2662 – Email:

If you plan to travel north from Milwaukee for your July 4th holidays and celebrations, make sure to stop at Fireworks Nation Super Store at Lomira for a huge fireworks variety at the best prices.  

Fireworks Nation has four convenient locations in Wisconsin. All stores carry a huge selection of the latest Fireworks variety at the best prices.

Locations for the 4th of July Milwaukee
firework shows are listed below:

Locations for the 4th of July firework shows are listed below:

Alcott Park – Enderis Playfield  

Gordon Park – Humboldt Park 

Jackson Park – Dr. M L King, Jr. Park

Lake Park

Lincoln Park

Mitchell Park

Noyes Park

Sherman Park

Washington Park

Wilson Park

Lomira Fireworks Super Store is only 54 mile north of Milwaukee. 

Find The Best Fireworks Store In Milwaukee | Fireworks Nation

Milwaukee has four seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The weather is perfect to enjoy all outdoor events and recreational activities. You can easily celebrate outdoor birthdays, wedding parties, casual events, Independence Day celebrations, New Year celebrations, family gatherings, and many other events. What about making those moments very special with a fireworks display? In Milwaukee, there are specified areas to enjoy fireworks displays following safety rules. Independence Day celebrations have a splendid display of fireworks following the safety guidelines of the government.

Artillery Shells light up the sky with multiple colors. The thunderous breakdown and beautiful display of colors have made artillery shells a perfect choice for the fireworks display on Independence Day. The gunpowder inside the shell shoots the shell in the air. You can find high-quality and affordable Artillery Shells from a reliable fireworks store. Fireworks Nation is your first choice!

Saturn Missiles can be discharged up to 150 feet with a whistle and pop. The duration of Saturn Missiles is approximately 1 minute. It is one of the favorite fireworks for Independence Day celebrations in Milwaukee because it features different loud whistles. Usually, Saturn Missiles range from 25 to 750 shots. For the best quality fireworks in Milwaukee, you must visit Fireworks Milwaukee to make your celebrations memorable.

Parachute Fireworks are moveable rocket-type pyrotechnics that sparkle and glimmer once launched. After launching, it comes down on the ground with a parachute. It can be a single shoot parachute or repeating parachute. Parachute Fireworks are suitable for both daytime and nighttime Independence Day celebrations. A certified fireworks store in Milwaukee has a great variety of Parachute Fireworks presenting jaw-dropping displays of color and light.

Novelties Fireworks have a limited amount of pyrotechnic material. Usually, they are small in size and perfect for small areas. These are usually flying fireworks leaving the ground like bees, satellites, ladybugs, spinners, spaceships, and many others.  They sparkle with different colors and whistles. Novelties Fireworks are also suitable for kids to create long-lasting memories while making fun.

Punks are smoldering sticks that light up Fuses. They are safer because they can be used from a great distance and do not possess an open flame. Usually, Punk & Fuses are made of Bamboo sticks with a coating of compressed sawdust. These century-old fireworks are traditionally used for a fireworks display during Independence Day celebrations. Kids love to enjoy Punks for celebrations.

Firecrackers create a small explosion and loud noise on ignition. They have a limited amount of pyrotechnic material making them safe for all events. They are less noisy and suitable for small areas for a fireworks display. Firecrackers are often used in Independence Day celebrations making long-lasting impacts.

Are you looking for a fireworks store near me in Milwaukee for buying the best quality fireworks at market-competitive rates? Fireworks Nations is a trusted retailer online store in the USA to buy your favorite fireworks for all events. Visit our website to find the best deals for all kinds of fireworks